Starting operations in a new overseas market can be a difficult endeavor.Some of the finest products and services in the world are looking towards INDIA for opportunity. However, the challenge of marketing to a billion strong market divided by language, location, culture, and behavior is as intimidating as it is lucrative.

While the creation of a local office could be an adequate strategy once market penetration is well under way, it could prove to be an onerous proposition given the cost of set up, and maintenance.

Distribution channels, on the other hand, could be a faster and easier way for vendors to start locally. Selecting the right channels and reaching the correct agreements is, however, of paramount importance and requires a thorough knowledge of the local marketplace. Choosing inappropriate channels bears the risk of damaging the Company's reputation and seriously jeopardizing future expansion plans. Furthermore, even well-meaning distributors will typically not spend a lot of time and effort marketing new and complex products from young companies or ones yet unknown to the local markets, and will prefer to push products from their portfolio which are easier to market. Finally, even if a distributor is able to get a major contract , they will then want to press the vendor for unusually favorable conditions in terms of exclusivities and/or margins, and, in fact, hold the vendor effectively hostage as the hard-earned commercial relationship to the customer will be theirs, and not the vendor´s.

PPS employs a blend of expertise and efficacy to build customized India entry strategies for global businesses. “We act as your office in country/region, with an experienced, competent, and very well connected local team, fully operational from day one”. Our services run the entire gamut of your requirements, and include Strategy, Technology, incubation , marketing , sales and support. We bring a unique blend of strategic, technological, as well as executional skills to the table, thereby offering a suite of end-to-end solutions to take your product or service to market. By minimizing your investment, while amplifying your market presence, we help you make the most of the promising Indian marketplace.

We basically do that with a proven and profound experience in marketing and developing business in the local Telecom, IT, broadband Internet, ITES markets engaging with non-competing high-tech companies, providing an immediate local presence in a very efficient and cost-effective manner, helping our clients identify and create business opportunities, optimize their offerings to the local requirements and penetrate the market efficiently and quickly.

Today new companies want their products launched worldwide in a shorter timeframe. Aggressive companies need the revenues that only a worldwide sales campaign can provide. PPS was formed to address this time to market delay, to provide the in-region sales and support services necessary to obtain fast market share for your products and an effective presence for your company in this region.

As your business office in the region, our mission will be to develop and implement sales strategies that ensure maximum sales results in the shortest time. We work on your behalf as your local staff dedicated to the success of your company, fulfilling many of the same functions as your headquarters staff - but with a one big difference! We're local. We are close to your customers, close to the prospect base. We are in the same time zone(s) and speak the same language(s) as your customers. Additionally, our staff is familiar with the accounts and best channels for your products, so using PPS to assist your India market development reduces the time to market and learning curves .

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