About Us

Pyramid Professional Services Pvt Ltd is an India based company, started in 2001 with the goal to quickly and cost effectively launch early stage technology companies in the India & SEA region.

The founders of Pyramid had worked previously with many diversified technology firms focused on networking, telecom, datacom, software and Training prior to starting PPS. The founders have a combined experience of over 100 man years in this region. Addressing the inherent problems associated with the time to market while maintaining a cost-effective structure is the core business model at PPS. Pyramid Professional Services helps emerging technology companies take advantage of the fastest growing internet market in the world- INDIA creating new market opportunities for its clients. PPS provides a full range of shared and dedicated services for emerging technology companies seeking an efficient and effective presence in the India and SEA markets.

Our broad regional coverage and local offices in key regions, together with an experienced team ensures that your company achieves maximum sales revenues while maintaining a minimal cost structure. Our engagements have usually led to the formation of local Joint venture companies that address sales and service in the region.

Our Expertise

Once contracted to work for your company, PPS staff will start a training program to fully understand your products, their application, target markets in the various countries and your competitive position. India and the SEA region is large and diverse region, consisting of many countries in different stages of development and technology usage. Therefore the deployment for your products or the adoption rate for any new technology will be different in each country. With our years of experience and track record in bringing new technologies to the region, we can ensure that your products will be best positioned in the key markets and with partners who are well positioned in those sectors to drive initial and follow up sales. We will devise a strategic plan for these target markets, vertical sectors and list potential partners who can ensure all sectors are covered effectively and in the shortest period of time. Subsequent activities will include management of the channel partners, augmentation to the channel and new product training when appropriate.

Demand creation activities

Local type approvals and homologations

PYRAMIDNET Center and Technical Support

Marketing and localization support

Strategic and OEM partner identification


We believe in innovating business models to discover true potential, profitability, and growth. As we partner with global businesses to bring greater value to the untapped Indian market, and create new opportunities, we also build valuable synergies for technology leadership.

  • We perform focused market studies that would address the general political and economic environments, market opportunities, the competitive scene and recommend an appropriate market penetration strategy aimed at maximizing return on investment for the specific product or product line under consideration.
  • Work closely with the Business Development department of the client company to create business plans and pro-forma financial statements aimed at helping the Company maximize the usage of its resources by comparing multiple international opportunities.

Leverage our extensive network of contacts at several levels to uncover and develop business opportunities:

1. What are the customer's needs?

2. How do the company´s products adapt to these needs?

3. How can the products bring the customer value (less spending, more revenues)?

4. What changes if any would be needed to better adapt and more effectively compete?

5. What are the customer´s deploymenrt plans for the products?

6. What are the purchase methods: direct, bids, etc.

7. Who are the currently preferred vendors? Why?

8. What are the customer´s “hot buttons”?

9. What would it take to secure the account?

10. Who are the decision influencers/makers?

11. Who are the customer´s preferred resellers/distributors?

  • Aggressively market the product or product line by performing both bottom up and top-down marketing to potential customers to insure engineers specify requirements that favor the client company’s products, as well as ensure that top management gets to know the client company’s offerings so as to feel comfortable to acquire its products.
  • Identify partners, distributors and resellers that would be best suited to represent the Company in the local market. Selection will focus on trying to achieve the best possible match between the Company and the local partner to maximize revenue potential while ensuring adequate representation. This is however ideally done once an opportunity is already well developed with a specific customer, thus ensuring strong leverage in negotiations with the partner.
  • Identify relevant events (talks, conferences, exhibitions), and recommend the ones that are most appropriate to reach and impact the target market sectors.
  • Analyze and recommend cost-effective media vehicles for promotion and advertising campaigns and subcontract and closely monitor local advertising agencies for the creation of promotional material.
  • For new companies considering entering the INDIA market, our normal method of operation is to first understand your products, assess their fit within the region and analyze the market potential. Then provide an in depth proposal outlining the key markets for the products, our plan for each and the associated costs, timeframes and corporate resources that are necessary to ensure success. We encourage visits from potential clients to meet our staff and to discuss specifics of how to plan for sales success in the region.
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Former clients and Joint ventures

Snom technology AG

A Germany based VOIP phones,SIP systems,IPPBX manufacturer.snom technology had a joint venture with PPSIL in India until it was sold to a Taiwanese company

Vegastream Ltd

A UK based VOIP gateways manufacturer.Vegastream had a joint venture in India with PPSIL in India


Konftel is since 1988 a leading company within loudspeaker communication and audio technology. We develop and sell products and technology for telephone meetings based on cutting-edge expertise within acoustics and digital signal processing.

World wide packets

A US based Ethernet access networking solutions provider focused on carrier triple play products.


US based manufacturer of Cable telephony, Cable modem, CMTS and wireless data and voice products.


Italy based manufacturer of headsets,equipment and CRM software for call centers

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